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Presto Clock Vanish -- Grants classic

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Packs flat, plays big!

This is a fun "sucker" effect, where you show an alarm clock (not real, but appears to be made of solid metal), and you place the clock behind a piece of cardboard.  Lifting the cardboard away you claim the clock has vanished, but the kids all think you are holding it behind the cardboard.  Lots of opportunity for interaction and by-play, and finally you show the clock is really gone, as youturn the board around to show the words "How Time Flies".

Yes, I sort of give away how this works by telling you it packs flat, but you might have guessed it already.  The clock looks good and solid from almost every angle, and the board is specially gimmicked to make the clock vanish a cinch!   The sucker element is also what really makes the trick work. 

This trick has been good for over 50 years, and that's why MAK Magic still sells it! 

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