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Comedy Giant Spoon Bend -- bad trick, but funny gag

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Sometimes you have to look at a magic trick and wonder if the people who put it out were seriously thinking it was a good trick.  This is one of those, but before you stop reading, I'll say that this is a seriously FUNNY comedy bit to add to a mental show or kidshow.  Just don't perform it as a real magic trick, please!  

The effect as described in the instructions is that a giant spoon (see picture, with deck of cards in it for scale -- cards are not part of the trick) -- this giant spoon is shown and then bends Uri Geller-style, and then magically restores itself.  The trick as described requires you to switch a giant ungimmicked spoon for a gimmicked one, and for your audience to be sufficiently near-sided as to not really see the joint in the gimmicked spoon.  (This being even more evident because the spoon is so big!)  Then, I guess, at the end, you re-switch the giant gimmicked spoon for the ungimmicked one.  Goofy and something no one should ever perform.

BUT, if you perform the above as comedy, it is really funny.  Or if you just use the big spoon like a drooping flower in a kidshow, it makes 'em scream with laughter.  (I use it to "sample" the mixture I am cooking up in my dove pan, pretending to dip into the pan, and as the spoon comes to my lips, it suddenly droops!  Kids go nuts for this.)

Get one of these as a funny comedy prop, and you will be very happy.  Buy it as a demonstration of real metal bending, and you will be sorely disappointed.

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