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Mental Calculation Rods -- plastic

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Part magic, and part mathematical dexterity...with no special math skills needed. The aluminum version of this effect has been discontinued by the supplier, so TMGS now carries this inexpensive plastic version of the effect.  It is really too good an effect to be relegated to plastic props, but right now that's all that's available, and it's too good a trick to NOT have.  The plastic element doesn't lessen the impact of the amazing demonstration.  It just doesn't heighten it the way a nice metal or wood set of props could.

Four little plastic "logs" or bars are shown. Each log has four long sides, and each side has four apparently random digits on it. When the logs are randomly turned and placed side by side, the digits on each log combine to four random four-digit numbers. Before the spectator can punch the first one into his calculator to add them up, the magi names the sum of all four numbers. The effect can be immediately repeated, and of course the total is always different. Those of you using nail writers also can do an incredible prediction effect using these. Highly recommended.  One of the more impressive effects you can get for under $4!!!

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