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Leather Fire Wallet DELUXE - hip pocket size

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At last, a fire wallet that is not the size of a small briefcase!   I love the visual element of the fire wallet gag, and also the emotional impact of lit flames (especially when jumping from an ordinary object).   But most fire wallets are large in size, designed like breast-pocket wallets, which very few men (outside of the magic world) really use to carry their money and credit cards.  The wallet size of choice is typically the hip pocket size wallet, so the fact that this fire wallet is that size makes it much more “ordinary”, and also easier to use.

This one has two sides, so the wallet can be removed from your pocket, opened to show flames burning, closed to extinguish the flames and immediately re-opened to show money, credit cards, etc.   No sign of flame or fire. 


Or for a magician’s only laugh, I pretend to do a classic card to wallet effect.  After showing the card has vanished from the deck, I take out the wallet, open it with great surprise to find flames burning.  I shut the wallet, then regain my composure, open it and remove the selected card, which is half burnt up!  


The picture actually shows the Standard version wallet.   This DELIUXE version is made of really soft, super nice leather, with a matte finish (as opposed to the shiny finish on the Standard version. ) The standard version is a great prop, but if you want the absolute nicest fire wallet we sell, pay a little more for the deluxe version.)


This thing uses real fire, and so you need to be 18 years or older to order it.  It is perfectly safe when used correctly and carefully.  Use it with care!  TMGS (and especially I) can assume no responsibility or liability for any damage or harm caused by this prop.


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