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Flash Card Silk Prediction

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Here's a fun way to reveal a selected card, which will be remembers long after some of the more technically demanding card routines you might do.  

The spectator selects a card (for example, the Queen of Clubs) and shuffles it back into the deck.  Magician says he has a prediction of the chosen card printed on his pocket square or handkerchief.  He removes the hank from his pocket and shows that it is covered with card images on both sides!  "Your card must be there somewhere!" he says, trying to ignore the audience's groans.  but then, after asking the spectator to name the selected card, the magi shakes the hank a few times, and the cards printed on it instantly change into a large picture of the selected card!   "Yep, there it is!" he exclaims!

I add a touch when I do this that is not in the instructions, but easily added once you have the hank and understand its workings.  When I shake the card-covered hank and change it to the large single card image, a whole bunch of small playtime cards flutter to the floor.  It looks like the cards shook right off the hank, and left only the big selected card!  Use any playtime deck, or make a color xerox of some playing cards, cut 'em up, and use those. 

Either way you do the effect (with or without the fluttering cards), this is a goodie!

    Brand new with  instructions.    Card flash silk is 12 inches by 16 inches.  It is silk, but multi-layered for durability and also deceptiveness.

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