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Psychic Prediction Pen -- TMGS exclusive

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From Alain Nu, here is yet another version of the popular method for divining a spectator's thought from a list of about a hundred items.  The method has been applied to countries, cars, antonyms, celebrity names -- so many versions of the effect because the method is so easy and so effective!

Nu has brought a new (Nu?) twist to the method by using pictures of the animals on one side of the card and the printed names of the animals on the other.  Without giving away the method, I will say that this adds an important bit of logic to the method and greatly improves it.

Effect:  spectator is given 8 "flash cards" with a total of 64 different animals depicted on them.  They think of any animal.  Just think of it, nothing more.  Then the cards are turned over to show that the back of each card has a list of eight animals on it.  The spectator points to the card list that contains the name of their animal, and instantly the mentalist can name it.

The cards could be easier to handle, but you will probably do what I did with my personal set -- laminate them so they handle nicely and will hold up to the MANY performances you will use them in.   This trick should sell for a lot more, but since others sell this effect for $10, I guess I should, too.  Only one available, in new condition.

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