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Transport Lock

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Here's an unusual one that you don't find very often.   You can do this effect with your finger ring and a borrowed finger ring, or you can do it with a one dollar bill that you sign and a five dollar bill that the spectator signs.  Let's use rings for now.   You show a small luggage lock, and you borrow a ring and lock it onto the hasp of the lock.   You hand the lock to another spectator to hold in her fist, and then you remove your own ring and hold it in your fist.  Presto change-o!  You now have the spectator's ring in your hand and your ring is locked on the hasp of the lock that the spectator is holding.

Without giving too much away, the routine above requires you to have a duplicate of your own ring.  There's a similar routine using bills with holes punched in them, like in the picture.  The bills can be signed.  Same effect.  The one that is secured on the lock changes places with one in your hands.

Very cool gimmick that will fool laymen and magicians alike.

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