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Metal Card Guard with Prediction -- suits design

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Online Price

Save: $5.00
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OK, I admit that I never liked the idea of the metal card guards that hit the magic market a few years back.  They seemed like something that audience members shouldn't see -- a special metal clip to hold your cards from warping.  I don't know... it just seemed like an extra little bit of nothing that might make audiences even more suspicious of the magician's deck of cards.


BUT, now, someone got the great idea of adding a prediction to the guard.  So you take it out, and explain that it keeps your cards from warping, etc, so that you can do the highly sensitive sleight of hand that is necessary to fool an highly intelligent audience like this one, etc etc etc.   Have a card selected -- I use the cross-cut force, and then let the time misdirection occur while I explain the importance of the card guard.   Then ask the name of the card selected.  It is the Eight of clubs.  Now turn over the card guard to show the same card is imprinted on the guard.  

For me, this suddenly made this prop worthwhile!  It not only served a purpose of protecting the deck, but had a built-in trick to go with it.  And for some reason, a prediction that is printed on metal seems more impressive than one printed on paper.  Go figure!


For an added bonus, there's a second prediction (King of Diamonds) on the edge of the guard, so you can choose either one.  (Personally, I always use the big eight of clubs!)    Get one of these.  You will use it alot.


Picture shows two guards, so you can see both sides, and the edge prediction.  List price is for ONE guard, of course. 

 Silver color with Four suits design.

This guard is high-quality, heavy weight metal -- it will actually protect your deck, unlike many of the cheaper versions that just look like they should protect your deck.  It is a very classy prop you will be proud to show your audiences.


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