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Skeleton in Closet -- stage size

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This is a big version of the fun and puzzling Skeleton in ther Closet effect.  The magi shows a tall (15 inch) wooden tube, decorated like a closet, and lifts it up, revealing three stacked wooden blocks with a slkeleton painted on them.  The skeleton's feet and middle and then head are dropped down into the closet, but when it is lifted again, the skeleton is out of order -- his head is at the bottom, under his feet.  this can be repeated.  Though not included, if you use a Devil's hanky to vanish the skeleton's head, it can reappear back on the body when the closet is lifted again.  Or you can simply hide the head in your table or case, and it will magically come back to end the trick.

The back of the skeleton blocks have a ghost painted on them, so you can also choose to do the ghost in the closet if you prefer ghosts to skeletons!  I personally use the ghost, and then as a final climax, change the ghost to a skeleton.  After causing the ghosts's head to reappear as described, when the kids think the trick is over, I lift the closet again to show a SKELETON!!  Simple enough to turn the closet around as I insert the blocks the final time, so that Mr. Bones will be ready to come into view.  Not necessarily the most baffling climax, but the kids like it when the ghost turns into a skeleton.

Skeleton stands about a foot tall, and the closet is about 16 inches when standing on the wooden base that is also supplied.

This item weigfhs about 4 pounds, so will be roughly $13-25 to ship in US (less for West Coast, more as you get further away), $36 in Canada, and $48 to other countries.  But it's a real "worker" if you do kidshows, and priced right to begin with, so that the postage won't seem so bad. 

Plus, if you order a lot of other things at the same time, the postage will also seem better!!!  :-)

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