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CD Poker -- always ready Ten Card Poker Deal trick

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I first saw this smart version of the Ten Card Poker Deal when Nick Trost released Pizza Poker -- not sure if he was the first to create this version or not -- back in the 1970's.  But since that time, the CD format has become ubiquitous, and so it makes sense to put the Pizza Poker trick on a CD.  What you have is this:  ten cards printed around one side of a CD, and the backs of those cards prionted on the other side.  The spectator is offered a game of Ten card poker, where they get five of the cards and you get five.  To make it SUPER fair, the spectator gets to select YOUR cards.  You will take whatever five cards they choose for you.  So with the backs of the cards visible, the specator clips a paper clip on five different card backs.  The CD is turned over (no moves here, no work) and the clipped cards are tallied up to see what the magician's poker hand is.  The unclipped five cards are tallied as the spectator's hand.  The magician ALWAYS wins.  Repeat it over and over. 

Works well as a mentalism item, demo of mind control, forcing the spectator to always choose the winning hand for the mentalist.

A subtle gimmick makes this version of the Ten card poker deal trick so easy to do, you will love carrying this CD with you all the time.  No moving parts or extra pieces -- completely self-contained.

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Imagine the Queen (like Onosaka Lucky Lady)
This item is a nice version of Ton Onosaka's Lucky Lady trick.  Magi shows a large picture of five cards in a row, with a queen in the center position.  He turns the picture over, and on the back is a picture of five card backs in the same row.  The magic shows that if a clothes pin is placed on the center facedown card in the row pictured, then when the picture is turned over, the pin is clipped over the queen.  Easy, right?  When the spectator tries, clipping the pin to the center facedown card, the picture is turned over, and the pin is NOT on the queen.  This can be repeated.  Finally, the spectator is asked to pick a facedown card that is NOT the queen -- any non-queen will win.  But regardless of which facedown card he puts the pin on, when the picture is turned over, it has changed to a single large queen, so the spectator clipped the queen!   Easy to do, and very visible.  About 10x14 inches.
Save: $2.00
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Gambler`s Dice (Tricks Co, Ltd)

The Sure shot dice box meets the 21st century... Leave it to Trick's Co to update the old dice box, and make it a real fooler. In this box, two dice are shaken up, but the performer can control the outcome, for predictions, or number forces.   In the end, there is a phase where the dice are put in your pocket and magically retun to the box.  And everything can be examined!

 As with all tricks Co items, very innovative thinking in the gimmick. 

Only have one left of this hard-to-find Tricks, Co item, but it is in excellent condition, with original instructions.   The instruction sheet has had binder holes punched in it, and is a bit wrinkled.

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Qty: 1   

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