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Cloth-covered GIANT Spring Wand

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This is like one of those cloth-covered Spring snakes that pop out of the can of nuts as a funny gag.  but it isn't a snake -- it looks like a big, wobbly magic wand.  It does not come with a can to pop out of, just the wand.   But it does compress very small to fit in most production boxes, either to be extracted slowly, or to be released and pop up into the air.  Hand the big wand to a kid and watch the fun as it springs and wobbles around.  Put it into a screw top can and label it "Instant Magic Wand" -- then open it to have the wand pop out!   I use thre of these inside a long tube that looks like a big wand.  I pop the top off the tube, and more wands come flying out (ala the spring snake gag).  You get the idea.  Lots of things to do with this fun prop!   Wand is about 3 feet long when un-sprung (or is it when sprung?)   

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Mini Magic Wands - Set of 12
Cute little Magic wand, only a few inches in length.  People always laugh when I bring out one of these tiny magic wands.  Your audiences will laugh too.  (Lots of room for jokes, both wholesome or slightly suggestive -- you decide based on your style and your audience.)

Kids especially like these little wands.  They laugh, and then they usually ask if they can have it.   I give them away to kids as I table hop, if the table has been a lot of fun...and the kid hasn't been a pain in the patootie.  Or if dad looks like a big tipper!  :-)  

  These wands are 4.5 inches long.  You get TWELVE of them.

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Picture Silk 18 inch -- IT`S MAGIC

An 18" silk that has the phrase "It's Magic" emblazoned across it, and surrounded by iconic symbols of our art, drawn by the famous magical artist, Ed Harris.

Use it for a sucker type finish to a vanishing silk effect, when the kids ask how it's done, pull out the silk, and show the answer!   I usually pretend to hear someone say "How does he do that?" as I am producing silks from my Pro-Van box...then I produce the answer, by showing them "Its Magic!"

100% silk, with instruction sheet including ideas on how to use. (But you will think of many uses for your own show even if you don't read the ones included!)

Save: $2.00
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