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Coin through Dagger - like Tenyo Super Spike

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This is not as nicely made as Tenyo’s original Super Spike, but it is still very nice, works well and is just as deceptive. 


The effect:  A plastic sleeve has a tray that slides thru it. the tray has a hole for a quarter-sized coin to fit into, and a long slot running most of its length. There is also a hole thru the sleeve. If you put the tray into the sleeve, and put the spike thru the sleeve, it goes thru the slot in the tray. The tray will still slide back and forth for most of its length, but stops when the spike catches the end of the slot. Okay, you pull the tray out as far as it can come to one side, and put the coin into it. Now if you push the tray in, the coin will bump into the spike, right?  No! The tray is pushed all the way thru the sleeve, and the coin drops out the other side. This can be immediately repeated.


Use US quarter or similar sized coin.  The original Tenyo props included a 5 yen coin with a hole in the center because even though the hole in the coin doesn’t have anything to do with the method or effect, it SEEMS to have something to do with it, and the effect is stronger if you use a holed coin.     Since I am such a great guy, I have added the necessary 5 yen coins to this set, so you can get the full impact if you choose to not use a quarter.   (The 5 yen coins on eBay cost a few bucks each, so its like getting a $4-$5 bonus when you buy from TMGS!)

A nice prop for non-Tenyo collectors.  If you collect Tenyo, keep your Super Spike in the display case, and use this one to fool your audiences.

   Brand new and unused, with instructions.

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