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Bicycle GHOST deck (opened, but like new)

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Yet another of the myriad new Bicycle designs being churned out by US Playing Card at the request of magicians and magic dealers.  The Ghost deck is a poker sized deck, with the classic Bicycle Rider back, but instead of standard red or blue color, the back is a ghostly white, resembling a photo negative of a standard colored back.  The faces are specially printed as well, in all black and white (including the red suits), with the sole coloration being the index pip of the hearts and diamonds.  This small pip is red with a bold black outline.  

Of course you can use this deck for any tricks you do with a “normal” deck, but here are a few ideas with the special colorations of the Ghost deck:  have a card selected from your red backed deck, and then you  “erase” the color from the back of a selected card, using your favorite color change move.  Or you can have a face card (like the Queen of Spades) selected from your normal Bicycle deck, and then cause the color on the face of the card to vanish (again, using a color change move), so you are left with a colorless Queen of Spades.     I haven’t worked it out completely, but any moderately experienced cardworker could figure a packet effect where the faces and backs of  four face cards lose there coloration of both face and back.

The deck comes with a fancy design Ace of Spades, and two uniquely designed Jokers, one of which is standing on an Ace of Clubs, so there’s another card revelation built in to the Ghost deck.   



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A "normal" deck of poker Bicycles, except for the very cool fact that the backs are BLACK.   Add some new color to your card magic!  Combine with Green backs, or Orange backs (listed elsewhere in this section), and with the standard red and blue backs you now have a veritable rainbow of back colors. 
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

Bicycle Poker Deck GREEN BACKS
A "normal" deck of poker Bicycles, except for the very cool fact that the backs are GREEN. Add another dimension to your color changing deck routines, as you can change from blue to red to GREEN.     Other magicians will be GREEN with envy!       And laypeople have never seen a GREEN deck like this, so the change is more startling.

No instructions...use your own favorite routines and your own creativity.

These are made by the US Playing Card company so they are the same high quality you are used to with Bicycle decks.    When these first came out, they were very expensive, but now they can be found for reasonable prices, like the one here!    So part with a little of your hard earned GREEN backs for this deck with GREEN backs!

Deck is sealed and brand new
Save: $3.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

Bicycle Poker Deck RED BACK -- classic card back case
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Qty: 1   

Bicycle Black Raider deck -- spooky design!
For those cardicians who want to be on the cutting edge, or if you have some more macabre or bizarre elements to your card magic patter, this is a great deck for you!  High quality Bicycle cards by the US Playing Card Company, but with a new design called Black Raider.  You can see in the picture, the faces are black, and the back is ghostly gray.  The joker is a ghostly skeleton, and you get a second joker that is holding a card (for playing card revelations).  Also comes with a double backer in the Raider design.  

Only one of these available, it has been carefully opened for the picture, but is otherwise new and unused.
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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