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ZUFALL, Memory Trix volumes 3, 5 and 6

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Not sure when these were first published -- (I think in the 1940's) -- or when these editions were re-printed --(probably in the 1970's).  But here are THREE volumes from Bernard Zufall's memory course, and they include volume 3 "Calendar Memorization", volume 5 "Memorizing Numbers", and volume 6 "Memorizing Facts and Figures".   

Who was Bernard Zufall?  Well, no one remembers! 

Okay, he was a memory expert who performed in the 1920's and 1930's.  These three pamphlets are fascinating, but be warned, you will not learn a quick pseudo-memory demonstration; these are the real deal, and if you take the time to absorb Zufall's methods and practice them (A LOT!), you will truly be a memory maven.   Shows you how to memorize a 300 digit list of numbers, census information for hundreds of cities, dates, serial numbers on borrowed bills, tell what day of the week any date falls on, etc.    

Like I said, you probably won't end up doing these things -- maybe the dollar bill serial numbers  -- but the methods and detail are fascinating reading! 

Three pamphlets included.  MINT condition.  

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