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Double Door Changing Card

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A neat idea, and a fairly unique effect to add to your repertoire.  After two cards are selected from deck of cards, you turn up the top card, which is not either selection.  The card can be examined if you wish.  You take that card and draw a pip value on the back with a black felt pen.  This value is one of the selections.  Then waving your hand over the drawn value, it visually changes to the other selected card's value.    Takes some practice to get smooth, but the ingeniusly gimmicked card does most of the work for you.  You get two poker size gimmicks to go with your red Bicycle deck -- one for the instant change of the drawn on pip, and one to switch in the changing gimmick easily.  Bicycle red back poker card.   A bit pricey as far as the $20 suggested retail goes (in my opinion), but such is the result of a nicely hand-made gimmick.  I have it for less here at TMGS!

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