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Tension -- excellent progressive assembly routine

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In the 1970's, Ed Marlo and David Solomon (and Krenzel and others....) started playing around with a four Ace assembly plot in which the Aces assembled "progressively" into each pile -- in other words, first an Ace vanishes from one pile and jumps into the next pile, which now has two aces.  Then these two aces vanish and appear in the next pile, which now has three aces.  Finally those three aces vanish from that pile and you end up with four aces in the final pile.  It was impressive, and most methods were darn near impossible to perform unless you were Marlo, Solomon or Krenzel!   Using Tens instead of Aces, Mark Mason has come up with a very clean and impressive version of the progressive assembly.  Spoiler alert!  It uses some nicely made gimmicked cards, but that is what makes it so clean and easy.  If you want to look like a cardician who practices way too much, without putting in the long hours in front of the mirror, get Tension.  It is really good!

PLEASE NOTE:  the photo shows blue backed cards, but the cards I have in stock are RED BACKED.   You will received a set of gimmicked cards to use with your RED backed Bicycle deck.  Sorry for this minor photographic confusion!

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