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BECKER, Best of World of Super Mentalism

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Best of World of Super Mentalism, Volume 2, by Larry Becker.

1989 Magico reprint of Becker's very rare "Volume 2" follow-up to his World of Super Mentalism book.   For whatever reason, Becker and/or Magico chose to leave 5-6 tricks out of this reprint -- hence the words "Best of" were added to the original title. (I am guessing this was done because Becker promised a strictly limited edition of just 300 books for his Volume 2, and so decided to not reprint the entire book to honor that promise.  He only re-printed 95% of it!).    

This reprint is now also scarce, but here's one in MINT condition.  From "new-old" dealer inventory, it has never been previously sold or owned.

36 outstanding mental magic miracles, which reflect Becker's typical approach -- practical, well-thought-out, and not technically difficult.  The methods for accomplishing these bafflers is sheer simplicity.   No complicated sleights.  

Highly recommended for anyone interested in mental magic.

216 pages, spiral bound, original 1989 edition.

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ANDRUZZI, The Compleat Invocation MINT condition, first edition, 1986.
This long out-of-print classic, first published in the 1970's in two volumes in a limted edition of 300, now reappears in a single 900 page hardcover. It contains all 16 issues of Invocation and issues 1-36 of The New Invocation.
Here is a snippet from Eugene Burger's introduction to the volume:

"In case you don't already know, Invocation is not your typical magic magazine. On the contrary, it is a magazine consciously "Devoted to Weird and Bizarre Magick." ...Invocation, then, stands as a reminder to magicians that there is an older magic, a deeper and perhaps even darker tradition that has quietly spread underground for centuries - banished temporarily by Robert-Houdin when he exchanged the wizard's robes for the contemporary dress of the day. This older magic stretches back in time and history far beyond the point where written records begin. ...And so Invocation gives us magic for the few and not for the many. Perhaps this is as it should be."

This book is filled with great ideas, even the ones that aren't practical or seem a bit dated, because they will spur your creativity to think differently about your magic and performance.  Very hard to find now, with forum discussions talking anywhere from $200 to $400 as a good price.   Let's go on the low end of that for this pristine mint first edition.

Oh yeah, its HEAVY so best to ship it media mail or I can do it (to US addresses) for flat rate Priority Mail ($16) if you must have it in a couple days.

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