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Radar Vision -- jumbo size -- Burling Hull 1960s

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Sammy Smith’s SPS Productions currently sells a version of this effect, but this one is the one released in the late 1960’s and sold through the 1970’s, with instructions by Burling Hull (who I think also sold this version).


If you are unfamiliar with the effect, it goes like this: 

The mentalist shows some (5 inch by 7 inch) jumbo flash cards with large 2-digit numbers printed on them.  Also shown are a few blank face cards.  He writes a prediction on one of the blanks and sets it aside.  Then a spectator chooses one of the number cards, and this is placed with the prediction.  The mentalist writes a second prediction, and again a spectator freely chooses one of the number cards.  When the two predictions are shown, they match the chosen numbers exactly. 


This effect uses no forces, and also does not use the one-ahead principle.  The first prediction placed aside is definitely the one shown for the first selection and the second prediction is shown for the second selection.


The instructions mention a special stand (to display the predictions and selections), which could be purchased separately.  This set does not include the display stand, but you can find a suitable holder at Staples or Office Depot, or just prop the cards up against glass tumblers.


The method seems like a variation of Paul Curry’s “Touch” effect, which also was released in versions by UF Grant and Merv Taylor, among others.  But this version using number cards instead of playing cards feels more like mentalism than a card trick.


The set comes with nine large number cards, which is complete as issued – (I have another identical set in my own collection, with the same nine cards, so although it seems like an odd number of cards to include, it is as intended) – and also has the necessary cards for writing the predictions.  (Without giving too much away, I’ll tell you that you do NOT use a blank card everytime you perform, so you don’t have to worry about running out of jumbo blanks after a few performances!)


The set is in excellent shape, with cards in near mint condition,  See the pictures to check out the very cool back design on the cards, with the turbaned mentalist heads!

The instruction sheets are photocopies.  They reference a few illustrations which are not shown in the instructions, so there may be a page of pictures not included.  The instructions are otherwise complete and understandable with out the illustrations.

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