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Face down Poker -- John Cornelius packet 1980

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In the late 1970ís into the early 1980ís, the packet trick explosion was booming, fueled mostly by Phil Goldstein, Nick Trost, and Emerson & West.  At the same time, John Cornelius was establishing himself as a world-class (indeed, world champion, FISM winning) magician, and he added this excellent small card packet trick to the very crowded packet market.


As youíd expect from Cornelius, the thinking was innovative and the magic was very deceptive. 


 In this effect, the magician shows four facedown spot cards Ė a 2, 3, 4, and 6 in various suits.  The cards turn faceup within the packet one at a time (similar to the famous Vernon Twisting the Aces effect).  The patter involves a game of poker where you keep cards facedown, and bet on each one as it turns face-up.  The big finish to the trick comes when the fan of four cards turns into four ACES, and the fan is cleanly shown front and back. 


The effect uses a couple of well-known packet counts, plus some very neat gimmicked cards.  But the handling and routine allows for the clean final display of individual full faces and backs of all four cards will cause magicianís jaws to drop.  Lay people will already be gaping, but the final display will cement their amazement.


The cards are in perfect condition, apparently unused, and handle well, no friction problems, despite being 35+ years old.  Includes original instructions. 

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