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Mind Business -- spoon bend with your business card

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Using the venerable (and wonderful) "Out to Lunch" principle, you can not only bend a spoon, but then stick it to the back of your business card as a souvenir that may bring you future bookings.  Show a packet of stickers that depict three common utensils.  Spectator picks one of them, and puts her intials on the handle of the chosen utensil -- let's say its the fork.  You set her initialed sticker facedown on the table, and after some magic mentalist concentration, you turn it up to show the PICTURE of the fork is now bent!  Even though it is SIGNED!  Then you peel the backing off the signed sticker and adhere it to the back of your business card.  You get EIGHTY stickers, half bending forks and half bending spoons.  Excellent item!

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