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Himber Notepad -- like classic G&L, UPGRADED

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A smaller sized Himber switching wallet that fits nicely into a shirt pocket, and also contains a notepad on one side of the open wallet.     This notepad is of recent manufacturer, but is same size and design as the classic G&L notepad, which was put out by Hank Lee and Phil Goldstein back in the 1980's and 1990's.

Can be used to switch out flat objects (like billets, cards, bills) that are put into the pocket inside the wallet.  But also can switch what is written on the pad, because you get another side of the pad as you re-open the wallet.  Use it like an Add-a-No, switching out some three digit numbers written by spectators for the ones you need to match your prediction. 

Here's a simple routine that I use with mine:  a deck is shuffled and a card is selected and placed unseen into the pocket of the notepad.  A circle is pencilled on the top page of the pad, and this is folded in half (still attached to the pad).   The notepad is closed, and the pencil is put on top of the notepad wallet.   After suitable build-up, the wallet is opened, and the card is shown to be (for example) the three of hearts.   The folded sheet of paper is opened and in the circle are now written the words: Three of Hearts!  Spirit writing made easy!

WHAT IS THIS UPGRADE STUFF YOU MENTIONED?     Well...I'll tell you  :-)  

As manufacturered, this notepad wallet is very nice quality leather, but the paper pad that accompanied the wallet was poorly made, and only had about a dozen pages.  So I have worked with a professional printer to make the perfect paper pads to go in the wallet.  (They will also fit the classic G&L wallet, if your paper ran out years ago...)   You get three 40 page pads, so you will have plenty of pages for 50-90 performances (depending on whether your routines use up one or two pages each performance)    With these custom fitted paper pads, the quality of the wallet really stands out now, and you have lots of performances from each pad.

ALSO UPGRADED:   the instructions supplied by the manufacturer were pretty spare, explaining the basics of the himber wallet and a simple routine.  Now, when you get this from TMGS, you get a nine page booklet of six routines and also additional tips on using the wallet.   The routines described include takes on a great Jay Sankey effect, where someone's memory vanishes!  Plus handlings of the Vernon Five card mental trick, Goldstein's Invisible coin toss prediction, etc.  These routines are all enhanced greatly by use of the Himber notepad.

Many uses for this versatile item.   Nicely made in black leather, so it looks and feels great as well as "ordinary" -- not like a magic prop!

 Brand new and unused.  Includes Himber notepad wallet, three 40 page pads, instruction booklet.  (Credit card shown in wallet is just dressing for photo -- not included)

PS   If you bought this item elsewhere, or previously from me, or you have a vintage G&L pad, you can get replacement paper pads from us.   Check out our other listings for "Himber Notepad replacement pads".

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