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Karate Card -- contrasting back color

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Here's an interesting effect and method, though a tricky item to perform smoothly.  Practice conquers all, and so you can get the hang of this one, but it will take some dedication.  The effect is very impressive, though, so worth the effort. 

A card is selected and placed faceup on the red backed Bicycle deck.  Another Blue backed card, with two "port holes" cut in its corners is placed over the faceup selection and then (after a mock Karate chop that theoretically splits the selection), the bottom half of the selected card is slid to the left, under the port hole card.  The windows in the cover card allow the spectators to see the split selection (as in the photo).   In the end, the halves are re-aligned and the selection is restored.  

A neat gimmicked card helps you acheive the effect, along with the aforementioned practice.    This effect is usually supplied with same color back on the gimmick as your regular deck, but I have a few with contrasting back color.  The effect is the same, but perhaps a bit clearer, given that the special Karate card stands out from the rest.

Brand new with instructions.

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