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Crystal Clear Tube-It (Ian Adair)

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Invented by Ian Adair back in the 1960's and originally sold by Supreme Magic, the Tube-It effect has been updated by Sam Dalal, and made in a clear version, which adds to the deceptiveness of the item compared to the opaque original.  


The effect is like a bill tube sort of, where a borrowed bill is vanished and appears inside a clear plastic capsule that was wrapped in paper or a hanky. 


A bill is borrowed and signed, then wrapped in a hanky.  You show the two pieces of the Tube-it tube, put them together and wrap them up in another hank.  The bill vanishes and when the Tube-it is unwrapped, the bill is seen inside.  It is removed and seen to be the borrowed bill --(no switches, its really the marked bill!).  


The capsule is not gimmicked, sort of like the way an Okito box is not gimmicked.  Not gimmicked but has "normal" properties of its design that allow the effect to be accomplished.  


I also find you can use this item in conjunction with the Time Capsule effect, where the marked bill vanishes from the clear plastic Time Capsule, and then appears insiode the clear plastic Tube-it.  The Time capsule gimmick fits inside the Tube-It (a little overhang that will go unnoticed) so you can move the marked bill directly from the Time capsule into the Tube-it and the Time capsule gimmick will be invisible throughout!  (If you're familiar with Time Capsule, that will make sense.  If you are not familiar with Time Capsule, buy one.  It's a great trick too!)


Brand new with instructions -- (but if you want to use in conjunction with the Time Capsule, you will figure that part out yourself.  Easy, once you know the simple secret of the Crystal Clear Tube-it)


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