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Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere -- Pro Size (circa 1980s)

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Back in the 1970's, Albert Goshman took the sponge bunny trick to the max, creating the giant climax of twenty baby bunnies.   He called it "Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere PROFESSIONAL".  (Tenyo & Tannens  contracted with Goshman to go even further with it, when they teamed up for the forty bunny "Rabbit explosion", but frankly, this twenty baby version is just as startling and impressive for lay people.  And easier to manage)

"Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere Professional size" was a popular item for Goshman, and he continued producing these into the early 2000's.   The package design changed in the early 1990's, to a smaller box.   

This listing is for an early set from the 1980s.  In addition to the larger package box, the earlier versions of this trick came with a much larger sponge "Birth control pill".   Later versions still had the sponge pill, but it was much smaller.   So in addition to the collectibility of the older package, you also get a much bigger pill for the added climax.   The older box also features the address of  Goshman's long-time residence in California, from where he also shipped out all his magic!

NOTE:  the deck of cards shown in the photos is NOT included, just there to give you a quick sense of the rabbits' size

The effect is well known, in that two sponge rabbits magically jump from hand to hand, and then when put together in your hands, they do what rabbits do naturally, and have a ton of baby rabbits.   

The second optional climax is when you put the two rabbits in the spectator's hands, and she opens to find that the rabbits have not multiplied -- why?  because now the mama rabbit is on the pill.  (And of course, the sponge pill is in the spectator's hands with the two rabbits.)   The other patter line for the pill is that it's "an Aspirin, and she has a headache".  :-)

There is also the one black rabbit, which the instructions say you can make a joke about if you are playing to "certain audiences" -- but I recommend you raise your magic above dumb, racially insensitive jokes, no matter who your audience is! 

NOTE:  The large round sponge "birth control pill" has some minor black "color transfer" on it, from being stored next to the black mini rabbit.

"Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere" has become very hard to find now, and those still popping up for sale are almost always from the later issues, with smaller pill and package.  My recent online search shows the later issue sets selling for $25, but I'll sell this older set for that same price, since the pill does have some minor black color transfer.


CONDITION NOTES:  previously owned, but in excellent condition, apparently unused.  The large round sponge has some black color transfer on it, from being stored next to the black mini rabbit, but otherwise, the props are in great shape, complete (no lost babies!) and no tears or gouges in the rabbits.  Instruction sheet is in excellent condition.  The package box does show its age, with some creases and corner/edge wear.

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Deluxe set for Papa Rabbit Goes to Town
Not three-dimensional like some of the very expensive deluxe rabbit sets, but still great fun for lay audiences.  I have taken the standard Papa rabbit Goes to Town set, and enhanced it by adding an extra adult rabbit and two extra babies. The extra adult lets you repeat the "adult hand-to-hand transposition" phase with a different and cleaner method, and the finish with seven babies is much stronger than five...when they all pop out of the hand, it seems like twice as many babies for some reason.  Instructions included are only for the standard two adult routine, but anyone familiar with sponge moves and routines, will have no problem working up their own Papa Rabbit variations!

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Sponge Stars set of five -- CLASSIC RED

Add some pizazz to your closeup sponge ball routine... Here is a set of six sponge stars, that you can do all your standard sponge routines with, but it will set them apart with a stellar flair!

Or change a ball into a star. At the end of the routine, the spectator ends up with a ball in their hand. "I see you are having a BALL!" You open your hand to show the star..."I guess that's why I am the STAR!" (okay, you don't have to use it!)

Another idea that springs to mind: finish by producing a handful of stars -- the balls have vanished!  "Oh your are seeing stars, I see!" (Okay, you don't have to use it, either!)

These great little sponge stars will trigger lots of ideas in the mind of the imaginative magician. They have a lot of charisma!   The stars tend to be a bit out of shape, but definitely look like stars and very different from a sponge ball.  (They will be shipped squashed, so best to soak them in water when you get them -- they will puff up and be good as new when they dry.)

Each star is about 2 inches from tip to tip -- the playing card (not included) is in the photo so you can see the scale of the stars.  

No instructions with the set, so you should be familiar with basic sponge ball moves and routines...

Save: $1.00
TMGS Price:

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