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Sponge Hearts (4) with Jumbo Heart

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I like to do the sponge ball effect, but try to keep it different from the other magicians by using uniquely shaped sponges (though I draw the line to exclude the Goshman's Magic Ding Dong!  I hope all magicians do the same!)   Fun shapes like sponge stars, numbers, card pips, rabbits, etc just make for many more patter possibilites, and keep the performer from being just another guy doing the trick with the sponge balls.  I was happy to find another cute shape in this set of four sponge hearts.  The little hearts are about one inch across, so very easy to palm using any basic sponge moves.  Also the set comes with a large heart that is hollow and can hold the other smaller hearts for a "small hearts to jumbo heart" climax to the routine.  Or if you use sponge balls, the jumbo heart can be used as a ball to heart effect.  Patter possibilities about love and two hearts not being able to stay apart (hand to hand transpo), or hearts breaking (one becomes two), and two hearts becoming one (two little hearts turn into one jumbo).  You'll make all those young couples that watch your table hopping very happy!  

Last thing about this set:  the translated instructions have some very funny phrases where the japanese turned into gibberish -- you'll understand how to do the trick, but laugh at the funny translation results.  (Of course, I couldn't do any better if asked to say something in Japanese!  All I know is "domo arrigato", and only that because of the 1980's Styx song Mr. Roboto!)

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