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Bending Choice -- animated silverware bend

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Always be ready to bend cutlery, and no worries about destroying your hostess' best silverware. 

The mentalist shows a pack of printed cards, the face of which shows four different pieces of silverware -- a knife, a fork, a soup spoon and a small coffee spoon.  The spectator chooses one of these pieces of cutlery (no force, thewy can choose any one of them), and the magician says he will cause it to bend with the power of his mind, just like Uri Geller used to do.  Riffling the pack of cards, the spectator can see an animated sequence of the four utensils in a line, and the one they freely chose bends in half.   

Part prediction, part psychokenisis.  This effect is a great lead-in to actual spoon bending. 

Easy to do, and no replacements needed.  Use it over and over.

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