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ASTROLOGICAL SIGN divination -- Kozuch

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This effect is great for walk-around magic, as it fits in a shirt pocket and is always ready to go.  The spectator is asked to look at a pocket size Astrology book, and sign their name on the page with their Zodiac sign.  Using a few different (but no-funny-business) methods, the mentalist will know the person’s sign.  You can also use the book to divine the spectator’s birthday. 

Comes with some crib sheet cards to save you from memorizing the necessary info to make the divination.  But with some practice and memory work, you can do the effect without the cribs, making it practically impromptu – just carry a pencil and the Astrology book.

The writing is done in pencil, and erased, so you can use the book over and over.  This one is in like new condition, never written in, never used.  Item retails for $25, but stuff costs less at TMGS!!!

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