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Wild Flush -- Spades Royal flush ending

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Online Price

Save: $2.00
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Qty: 1   

This is a powerful packet!  It owes a great debt to Goldstein's classic Five Card Polka, but is different enough to show the inventor, whoever it was, thought through some very good changes.  The impact of this simpler version of Five Card Polka is really strong. 

The effect:    five jokers are shown, and one is placed aside facedown.  One at a time, the other four jokers turn facedown as you count through the packet -- each time you count, another Joker turns facedown.  Finally, the tabled joker is turned faceup and it has changed into a ten of spades!  Then the other four cards are shown to be Jack, Queen, King and Ace of spades making a really wild Flush!    (The flush is in SPADES, not Hearts as shown in the photo)

Very clean handling, no thick packet of cards, etc.  You will really like this one!

(This effect was made in all four suits of Royal Flush endings, and these varied suits were randomly sent out to magic dealers and buyers.  I have ONE set of this wonderful trick left, and it ends with the best hand possible, a Royal Flush in SPADES.   You will receive the Spade flush ending when you buy this here.)

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