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Animal Prediction -- remake of Hiro Sakai classic

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In the 1980's Hiro Sakai invented some really great close up effects for Black Hat Magic, but unfortunately, that excellent magic maker is no longer producing.  However, Forum Novelties in the U.S. obtained the rights to produce some of Sakai's best items.  (Alas, no longer but they did make some authorized versions of some great Black Hat Magic for while...)    Animal Prediction is one of them. 

This item was released recently in a slightly different form called "Phobia" so if it sounds familar,  but know that Sakai was the guy who first came up with the startling climax to this prediction effect.   It will literally make your spectator jump, then exhale, then laugh!   It goes like this:

Six cards with dangerous or feared animals are shown -- one of them is fairly selected.   Let's say its the bee.  When the prediction envelope is opened, the fierce buzzing of an angry bee is heard inside the envelope.  The spectator will drop the envelope and jump!      But to prove the prediction is correct, a card slides out of the envelope showing another picture of the bee.  

The sound coming from the envelope is startling and completely unexpected.  Very memorable prediction and fun for all ages.

Some awful versions of this now being made in China, but when Forum re-issued it's Black Hat Magic effects, they were good to create them exactly as Black Hat did, with high quality props that work well and look good!

Brand new and unused.

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