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NEW TOPS -- FIVE diff All-Trick Issues, Marlo!! Houdini!

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Here are FIVE different issues of the “All-Tricks” New Tops magazines, which was an annual feature every September. 

No ads, no convention coverage, just tricks and routines.  Magicians eagerly awaited the September issue of New Tops with similar zeal as many men await the annual swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.  J


This group contains 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1986 issues.  See the pictures of each mag’s Table of Contents, but here are the highlights:


1982 Issue – an interesting cut and restored rope handling, ten ideas on key card placement, billet reading ideas, a handling of the sliding knot trick, a four ace routine, ideas on Curry’s Swindle switch, illusion plans for Abbott’s Missing Body illusion, ideas on the Rabotine/Chinkotine prop, and ideas on using a jet-set backdrop.  The best highlight of the issue is Marlo’s handling of a Tom Mullica trick, with lots of pictures and (since its Marlo) lots of alternate handlings.


1983 Issue – this one kicks off with 8 pages of Marlo ideas on cards and coins. Then there’s about 35 pages of ideas on getting more impact from many standard props you might already own.  Finally, illusion plans for the Modern Sword cabinet.


1984 Issue – reprints a booklet called “Magic that Perks” (whatever that means?) and includes all kinds of ideas and tricks covering cards, mentalism, stage and club effects, cups and balls, patter, etc etc etc   A little bit of everything.


1985 Issue – called Trick Annual…PLUS – I think the “plus” is a 25 page section on Houdiniana, shared with Robert Olsen by Houdini’s niece.   Then a section on an interesting gimmick coin (which you could make up yourself) by Tony Kardyro, a card effect from Phil Goldstein, and some illusion ideas.


1986 Issue – 30+ pages of Tony Kardyro ideas and tricks, with some very good card stuff.  Also a good article on planning a 30 minute show for practicality and impact.  And a five minute routine with Botania, by Quentin Reynolds, who is not only a great kids performer, but also a great seller of magic books on eBay. 


The five magazines are in MINT condition, despite being 35 years old.

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