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Necklace prediction -- remake of an El Duco classic

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Retail Price: $7.95
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I always liked this effect, when it first was released back in the 1970's by El Duco, though that one used dice, with a die hanging on the necklace at the end, which was a bit strange -- who wears a die necklace?  This version has small plastic hearts, and so while it ain't haute couture jewlery, it does pass muster as a children's play necklace.  I present it as such, saying that my niece likes to show off her ESP skills with a piece of her favorite jewelry.  I open the jewelry box, and remove the four loose hearts, have one selected, and then remove my niece's necklace from the box to show that the heart pendant matches the color selected.  Works every time, and is surprisingly impactful, given the one-in-four chance involved.  Cute props that get peoples attention.

No longer available from the USA distributor, possibly discontinued by the manufacturer...  I have just ONE left so if you want this, do not wait!

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