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Credit Surprise -- TENYO T-224 (english packaging)

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From the 2007 Tenyo introductions, this effect uses some optical illusionism similar to what Lubor Fiedler brought to play in the fabulous Blue Crystal effect, and the impact is just as good. 

A borrowed credit card is put into a reasonably normal looking little case, and a cover placed over half the card.  A goofy looking saw blade (you can replace this saw blade with your favorite sharp instrument) is used to cut the credit card.    The cover is slide to the left and the bottom half of the card ain't there, so its either vanished or you really cut it.  But slide back the cover and restore the card, so the spectator can pay the bill. 

 Very strong, visual magic!  Many magicians (even Tenyo fans) passed on this effect, simply because the cutting blade looks so silly -- a mini-buzz saw on a stick!  (I once read a review that called it a "pizza cutter", which it does kinda look like!)    But the cutting blade is only an ancillary prop in the presentation.    And cutting tool could be used in its place.  (I use a small laser pointer-- remember of the weapon used by Goldfinger on James Bond).    Whatever you use to "cut" the credit card, that is when the strong visual magic begins.  The illusion is very convincing, and with a BORROWED credit card, it absolutely kills.

This item still pops up occasionally in Japanese packaging, but is rarely seen in the English package, made for the US market.   Here is an original English version, opened very carefully to avoid any damage to the packaging

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