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Casino Deck

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A deck of Las Vegas Casino cards is used to cut high card with the spectator.  Whatever card the spectator cuts to, the magi then cuts to an ACE to win.  This is repeated a few times, each time, the spectator gets a lower card, and the tricky guy gets and Ace. 

The magi turns the deck faceup on the table and with one hand, cleanly cuts an Ace to the face.  He then quickly cuts the deck into four piles, each pile showing an Ace.  To explain how he can be so good at always cutting to an Ace, the magi says, "well, of course, it's easy when you own the Casino!"   The backs of the cards are now shown, and they no longer say Gold Rush Casino, but instead all have the performer's name on them -- for example, Rod's Hotel Casino!!!   "You get your way when you're the owner.  You can even play with all aces."  Now the cards are seen to be a complete deck of Aces -- all the different cards that were seen before (and that the spectator was cutting) are gone.   

You can see in the picture where you pen in your name on the cards with a Sharpie.  Even though the cards are not custom printed with your name, the impact of the change and your name appearing on the cards drops the jaws of the spectators. They are not worried about the handwritten name.

This trick uses a methodology that most magicians might pass up as to simple.  But the use of the Svegali deck principle for such a different kind of routine makes this a trick that will not only knock the socks off your spectators but also make your fellow magi most envious!    A good, different routine.    Brand new and unused, with instructions.

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Color Diamond Monte
Heralded by Jon Racherbaumer as one of the greatest packet tricks ever (along with Wild Card...see below), the Color Monte is great magic, because a lot happens with only three examinable cards! Two cards have red diamonds on the, and one has a blue diamond. The story goes about trying to follow the blue diamond and losing $7, as all diamonds become red, then all diamonds become blue. In a double or nothing bet of the $7, one card is shown as red, another as blue, and the last card turns out to be an IOU for $14!! Made with Poker-sized Bicycle backs.
Save: $2.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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