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Steel Ball thru Bolt -- vintage brass magic

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Put out by EZ Magic, but back in the 1960ís or early 70ís when they made some nice quality brass magic.   Yes, it is not a $100 Brema example of the effect, but it is stll very nicely made, works well, and could be a real fooler for a modern audience -- what is old is new, right?  This effect is very strong, and the method is ingenious (allowing for everything to be examined and a very clean, no-cover handling).    It does take a lot of practice to perform this smoothly, but it is worth it. 

Your spectators examine a brass bolt and nut, a steel ball, and a specially designed aluminum collar that fits the bolt, and has a hole for the ball to drop through.   With bolt in place, the hole is blocked.  Spectators see the bolt clearly running through the collar, and the ball is set on top.   In full view, the ball drops through the hole, and the spectators can immediately see the bolt running through the hole.   Iíll repeat, this trick takes a lot of practice. 

This one is vintage from the swinginí 60ís but in very good condition -- it has a few nicks and scuffs on the aluminum collar.  Original instructions and EZ Magic box also included.

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