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Force bag -- large mesh, Shopping Bag style

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This is a natural and innocent looking prop, a mesh bag with handles.  The contents is always visible, but the bag is cleverly constructed to allow you to force the selection of small items that you put in the bag.  The bag could contain (for example) a deck of cards, shaken and mixed, and spectator reaches in to select a single card -- it is your force card.  The bag could contain lots of crumpled up bills of many denominations.  After various spectators reach into the bag and remove bills of differing denominations and serial numbers, the bills are shaken up and mixed, and someone takes one bill out, holding it tightly in their fist.  No one knows the denomination.  But the mentalist divines the value of the bill, and for a kicker, he then divines the SERIAL NUMBER!   Use just about any small object that you can put a dozen or two dozen in the bag.   I have used Ian Adair's Egg in Nest mesh bag for years, but now I have another option for larger shows.  You need one of these!  

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Force Bag -- small mesh, with egg routine (Ian Adair )
Here is a nice see-thru mesh bag that allows you to force one object on a spectator. It comes with an Ian Adair routine with easter eggs, where one egg contains a prize, but you can let your imagination go and find myriad other uses for this versatile prop. Perfect for forcing a particular billet or denomination of bill - crumple up five different denominations and toss 'em in the bag, make a prediction, and let spectator choose from the bag. Prediction is correct, of course…. That's the routine I use frequently, but you can make up your own I am sure.
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Psychic Color Chips -- 4-for-4 prediction

Two sets of small discs, or chips, are shown.    One set is red, with a different colored spot on each chip, and the other set is black with matching colored spots.     The mentalist takes one set, and puts in a line on the table, spot side up. The other set is mixed up with the spots facedown, and the spectator places his chips, the color sight unseen, one on top of each of the performer's chips.   The performer emphasizes that the odds of one correct match are 1 in 4, two correct 1 in 16, three correct 1 in 64, and four correct 1 in 256.    (I realize this is not really true mathematically since if three are correct, then the fourth must be, but just don't try this patter on your local Math professor, who would know the real odds are 1 in 24...)      When the four chips are turned over, it is seen the four colors match exactly. 

Chips can be casually examined if you so desire, but it never seems necessary.  The spectators have handled them and are simply amazed at the 4-for-4 prediction miracle.

New and in package.

Save: $1.00
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Qty: 1   

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