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Easy Card Magic DVD

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Online Price

Original Price: $9.95
Save: $3.96
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

I like to think of myself as pretty proficient with a deck of cards...  I do all the essential packet counts, a decent pass, a good double and triple, Zarrow shuffle, ATFUS, etc etc etc.  But I relish the moments I can just sit back and completely relax with some EASY card effects that still knock lay audiences for a loop.  This DVD has a bucnh of them, well taught by Las Vegas magician Will Roya -- he's the "shy" guy on the lifesize picture on the cover of the DVD.     See the back cover picture for a list of the effects taught.  This DVD also comes with a few Bicycle poker gimmicked cards to help out on some of the routines.  I think this DVD would be a good deal at twice the TMGS price, but I also know how hard it is to get magicians to look back to remember the power of those easy tricks they have not done in years.  So with that in mind, this DVD is offered at a fraction of its true value!

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