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PSImbol deck -- Vernet

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Very nicely printed symbol deck that uses an old idea by Bob Wagner to acheive a very direct divination of a thought of design. 

Deck of forty different design cards is shown.  The cards are not gimmicked in any way -- they are simply blank backed cards (so no way they could be marked) with a different design printed on the face of each. 

The mentalist turns his back, and a spectator lifts up a packet of cards from the deck, looking at the face design.  he then shuffles this packet, and places it on the table.    The remainder of the deck is put in the spectators pocket, completely out of sight.  Only now does mentalist turn back around to face the audience.  He takes the shuffled packet from the spectator and spreads it face up on the table.  He then concentrates and picks out the mentally selected card. 

Very clean mentalism that will entertain laymen, and fool the heck out of your fellow magi/mentalists.  If you have the Goldstein Color series of books (or the reprint called "Prism") you will find other routines that you can use this deck for -- I use it for the excellent routine called Vision Version in Goldstein's Red book of Mentalism.  

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