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Jumbo 52 on 1 card -- TWO of them, with bonus routine

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The gag that magicians love to hate, but they all use it anyway! And laymen still think it is entertaining and amusing, even though we magicians have seen it hundreds of times. A card is named aloud by a spectator and you say "If I turn my prediction around and you see the face of your card, that would be a miracle!" They agree, and you spring the 52 cards on one card face gag. Just make sure to move on to something truly impressive after this comic interlude!   (or do the routine I describe below!)

Card back is "generic", but as this card is typically used as a separate prediction, and not used in conjunction with an entire jumbo deck, the back pattern rarely matters.  If you are a purist, and need to have a Bicycle back 52-on-1 card, you can find them elsewhere for $5-$6.  But why pay more for something that the audience will never notice?   You can get TWO of these 52-on-1 cards for half that much!

Why do I need two of these gag cards, Mister TMGS?      Well....     If you have a second (duplicate) 52-on-1, you can do this easy routine that I have used for years (and that I will include instructions for as a special TMGS bonus).  

You show a jumbo prediction card.   Spectator looks through your regular deck and removes any card.  After she shows her card (let's say it is the 6 of clubs), you display the rest of the deck faceup, and show she could have picked any card, yet she picked the 6 of clubs.   You then show your 52-on-1 card for the gag, prediction.   You toss the jumbo prediction on the table facedown, and ask her to cut the deck.  After you mark where she cut, you pick up your jumbo card and apologize for such a bad joke.  You want to redeem yourself, so you ask her to look at he card to which she cut.  It is the Queen of Hearts.  Apparently forgetting you showed the gag already (or maybe in the context of teaching the spectator how to do the gag), you again call atention to the jumbo card, and say she will see her card when you turn it around.  But this time, when you turn it around, she sees that her card -- the queen of hearts-- has been circled with a bold sharpie marker.

You get two 52-on-1 cards, and instructions for my routine with the circled selection kicker.

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