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ESP Deck -- poker size, Blacksymbols, Bicycle-style back

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Another set of ESP symbol cards, these printed on Bicycle design backs and poker size stock.  Although Bicycle backed, these are imported --  they are NOT made by the US Playing Card Company, and I find they are tough to handle before applying some fanning powder.  After I powdered a deck, they handled fine.  Because you'll need to powder them, the price of these decks is lower than others we offer.   Since there are many ESP effects using only a few of the cards, there's still plenty of uses for these even if you never treat them with powder.  One extra bonus with this set of cards, is the plastic carrying case has an outside pocket, which is very nice way to store a prediction, in full view all the time.  I like this feature alot, and so I use the carrying case for many other effects, even when not using the ESP cards.   Deck is standard five symbols, each repeated five tiumes for twenty-five cards total.   ONLY ONE LEFT!

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Psychic Dominoes

This is a great utility set for the working mentalist. You get 15 nicely made dominoes or tiles, each with a Zenner ESP symbol on each side. The tiles are made of lucite, and engraved (not just printed) with the symbols.

The classic domino principle which allows you to predict two symbols randomly chosen by the spectator is one of my favorite uses, but I also use them for multiple out predictions (since they are double sided). Or simply as markers in any symbol based ESP routine. They add class and authority to your presentation.

Also comes with a three five-pocket carrying cases for all fifteen tiles, which is good for storage to protect them from scratches and damage. A booklet of routines comes with the set, but you will no doubt think of many other ways to use these.

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SWAMI Gimmick (Nail Writer)  
A few years ago, when David Blaine was the magic guy everybody was talking about...(until the goofy block of ice stunt cooled off the public's ardor for him ...)   Well, one of the main reasons everyone was talking about him was due to his use of the Swami Gimmick in all his TV specials.  It resulted in some of the most memorable and talked about magic among laypeople in a long time.

Effect  (or one of many possible with this versatile gimmick):   Mentalist writes a prediction on a business card and places the card (writing side downward) in full view on the table, or he holds it up above his head.  Asking the spectator to name any number from 100-1000 (let's say 568), the mentalist hands the card to the spectator who sees what it says: "You will think of the number 568. I have no doubt of this!"   Osterlind and Cassidy both open many shows with this very effect!

You can predict names, places, numbers -- you can hardly imagine all the possible presentations for this device. It is probably the most important mentalist's prop ever.   Amazingly "clean" mental magic that takes only a bit of practice! In Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism, he reflects the both importance of the gimmick, and its simple easy-to-use nature by making it the first step.

There are many types of Swami Gimmicks -- this is type B in Corinda's description, which he calls the "most widely used type".   If you have the book, look it up.   If you don't, trust me in my saying this is the best type of Swami Gimmick you can get.

You get three of them, in case you happen to lose it, you have a couple of spares!
Brand new and unused, with detailed instruction booklet.

Regular retail: $7.95
Save: $1.00
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Qty: 1   

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