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Russian Chance prediction

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Combining elements of a Russian Roulette selection (eliminating each number until you get to just one) and a Just Chance or bank Nite effect, you get Russian Chance!  Simple effect:  Six numbered envelops (one through six) are shown.  A die is rolled by the spectator, and each time the number comes up, the corresponding numbered envelope is removed.  The last envelope remaining is opened by the spectator who finds a lottery ticket.  While this may seem like a nice prize, the magician now opens the remaining envelopes showing they each contained a one-hundred dollar bill!  "You picked the hard way to win!" says the magician as he pockets the hundreds.  That's just one way to go.  You could show the contents of each envelope as it is eliminated, revealing a business card that says "no".  The final envelope contains a card that says "yes".  Use the Russsian Chance dice set to force a specific number between one and six.   (I prefer to do a simple equivoque choice for the last envelope when down to two left, because sometimes the seems to only roll envelopes already eliminated -- that's your free TMGS handling tip of the day!)   Dice are very nicely made of wood with brass inlay spots.  Comes with two different force dice, and one matching ungimmicked die.   If you want a "poor man's version" of this effect, see Lucky Envelopes in related items. 

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