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Balloon Illusion -- TENYO T-232 (english package)

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Yet another addition to the myriad methods of pushing spikes through inflated balloons.  And as you'd expect from Tenyo, a new approach and method from the many that have come before.  This item from Tenyo's 2009 lineup allows you to perform the penetration effect with completely examinable props, and (in a way) they are not even gimmicked.  The tube has a special feature that allows you to perform the effect, but it is hard to call this feature a gimmick. 

The ultra-clean handling of this effect looks like this:  Spectator is given spikes and tube and allowed to stick them through, seeing that they go right through the center.  Spikes removed, and tube is seen comletely empty and free from anything suspicious.  Balloon is blown up outside the tube and slipped into the tube -- diameter of balloon matches the tube so it fits snuggly inside.  No funny moves here -- just stick the balloon in the tube, sticking out of both ends.  Spikes are then pushed in the holes, and out the other side.  Balloon is happy and unpopped.  End by removing spikes, and then popping the ballon, or remove the balloon and show it again.   

Very practical magic --  (You'd think they'd spend a bit more time on a better name than Balloon Illusion!  Even the Tenyo guys can be lazy sometimes!)    

This item is still available from Tenyo in their Japanese package with japanese instructions.  But this one (and I only have one in stock!) is in the ENGLISH packaging, with English instructions.  Very hard to find now, so collectors should jump on this. 

NEW, and in original ENGLISH box.    The package does have a dent in the front lower corner.

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