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Cummerbund Servante

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Whether you use this secretly (to steal and ditch coins or other small props), or openly (as extra storage pockets for props while working close-up), this is a very handy item to add to your magic wardrobe.  As the name implies, it is a cummerbund -- you know, one of those waistband sashes that you wear with your tuxedo -- but this cummerbund is open at the top, forming a large pocket.  You can easily get relatively flat props in and out of it.  If you wear a tux, then it is perfectly natural looking, and can be used as a secret ditching device -- great for coin workers.  If you don't normally wear a tux, (I don't very often), then you can use it the way I do, which is simply as an open carrying device for coins, color changing knives, card decks, etc.  Even though my attire is more casual, audiences accept the sash as a necessary, efficient, and (dare I say) smart-looking magician's tool for carrying props.  Only complaint on this prop, and it's a minor one, is that it is not a divided pocket -- just one big pocket.  I applied some of those stick-on velcro strips at a few strategic places to create separate pockets.  Was easy, and I advise you do the same after you buy this great utility item.

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