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Vanishing Wand (with 20 gimmicks)

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Sometimes the simplest methods and effects are the best.  SOMEtimes?  Pretty much ALL the time, simple is better.   This classic method for the iconic Vanishing Wand effect will still draw gasps from audiences who would otherwise be unimpressed by a fancy collapsible vanishing wand. 

  In this method, the magi shows his trusty magic wand (black with white tips, and about 13 inches long), and raps it on his table (or a misbehaving child's noggin) to prove the wand is solid.   Wrap the wand in a single page of newspaper (or piece of aluminum foil for flashy Las Vegas shows), and after a few magic words, the paper is crushed!  The wand has vanished.  You then re-produce the wand from anywhere you want. 

For kid shows, with the easy addition of a simple pin gimmick, you can have the wand appear on the back of your audience helper.  Big time applause.      Good for kidshows, but also a nice effect for any stage act, whether done to patter or music.

This item is typically sold with only six gimmicks, but we add 14 more, so you have enough for a couple of true practice runs and 18 performances.   (Yes, you destroy a gimmick each time, but you can get replacements here at TMGS or from other dealers as needed.)   

Brand new with instructions -- but to add all those refills, your wand may not ship in the cyclinder package shown in the photo.  Just so you know.

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