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Time Capsule -- not Tenyo

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This is a very use-able version of the Tenyo Time Capsule effect.    Straightforward magic, and useful for adding into any routine where you need to vanish a dollar bill or paper billet.  The dollar is marked and placed into a small plastic capsule, which looks like a pill vial.   (In fact, I recommend that you find a vial cap and put it on the capsule, so that it becomes a simple pill vial in the spectators' eyes.   Bring it out, remove the cap -- even fake removing it if you can't find an exact fitting cap -- and show an ordinary pill vial.)  The vial with marked bill inside is rolled up in a piece of paper, and the ends twisted to lock the vial and bill inside.  Give this to the spectator, and little does the audience know, despite very clean handling, you have stolen away the bill for whatever nefarious purpose you have at hand.  Spectator can open paper and find empty capsule, completely examinable.   Mystery is strong as you can show that bill will not come out of the capsule easily (due to friction/pressure), so there is no ready explanation for how it vanishes.    Hard to find the original Tenyo item now, so these are offered for performers who still want to include this easy effective bill vanish in there shows.  OH YEAH, you can use it to vanish a silk as well! 

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