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Rattle Bells

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This is a logical version of the old Rattle Bars effect, because it uses normal props, that are usually supposed to rattle (or jingle in the case of these bells).  You show three bells and demonstrate that only one of them jingles. The other two do not jingle, having had their little clappers taken out -- a clapperectomy, I believe  is the medical term.   Then you can play a guessing game where the one selected by the spectator is always the ringing, jingling bell (or is never the decide how it goes!)  

I probably wouldn't carry this item for only that effect -- it is good, but not great.  BUT, I love these little bells to do a mental type effect which is on one of Jay Sankey's DVDs.  The effect is you show a handful of small bells, and have one selected.  Then you mentally REMOVE ITS JINGLE.  A weird demonstration of psychic control.  Or you bring out a bunch of little bells and have the spectator select one.  One by one, the others are shown to ringle and jingle, but the selected bell is mute!  Very scary, spooky! 

You should buy two or three sets for the last two routines mentioned, as they draw their impact from a single bell out of 6 or 8 going mute.  Would not be as good with only three bells.  (The last two routines described are NOT in the instructions, but you will get how to do it when you have the bells, or I am happy to explain to purchasers of multiple Rattle Bell sets.)   

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