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Golden Hot Rod

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My favortie Hot Rod is called the Varillium Hot Rod, and was putout by Sterling Magic Creations back in the 1990's.  It is metal and looks precious, like some sort of antiquity relic.  But the Varillium rods have not been available for a long time now.  So I found this new metal version of the hot rod effect, made in India.  It is not as good as the Varillium for looking like something that might actually exist in the real world, but it does look pretty nice, and steps up the impressiveness of the Hot Rod effect.  In case you don't know the Hot Rod, it is a rod with six different color gems on both sides.  One is selected by the spectator, and magically , all the gems change to the same color as the chosen gem.   There is a design modification from the classic hot rod, with a liitle handle area down at the bottom.  It does mean that a few of the fancier paddle moves you might do with a classic Hot Rod need to be skipped, but it allows you to hold the rod much more easily and display all the gems more clearly -- I think this enhances the overall effect. 

Many of you ask about what colors are available for the force gem -- well, sorry, but the "force" color on all the Rods I have is the same.  It is the orange gem.


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