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Sequence -- original E&W version

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Not one of the better known packet effects put out by Emerson and West in the 1970's, but Sequence is one of the better ones.  Maybe it never gained huge popularity because the cards looked like, well, CARDS -- they did not have cartoon pictures on their faces of dogs, or eight balls, or hamman eggs!  But the clean handling of this clear and straightforward effect -- four blank face cards print values, Ace through Four in sequence -- makes this one of the more magical and visual packet effects of theat era.  And since the magic community has apparently out-grown its love for those novelty card pictures, the "normalness" of Sequence has a very modern and updated feel.  (For the record, i still love a few of those crazy cartoon packet effects  -- like Color monte, Nick Trost's Roadrunner Trick and his Polish Poker, and E&W's Auto Suggestion...OK, I love most of them still!  But I also love Sequence for its clean and clear plot and handling and normal looking cards!    I have a few of these that turned up in a dealer's liquidation.  This is brand new, even though it is from original Emerson and west production back in the 1970's. Collector alert!

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