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Color changing Paddles (like the Chips!)

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Tbis one is just like the Color changing chips (see related items), except that the chips have "handles" so they are actually paddles, which you can do the classic paddle move with. So you can show the two paddles -- one black on both sides, one white on both sides -- and then the colors visibly change places. Again the paddles are shown on both sides. After more startling changes, the paddles end up being blue and green and red and yellow -- no black or white anywhere.

 The convincing display of the paddle move, and the visible changes are stronger than the Chips routine, but you need to practice the two handed paddle action for a bit. It is worth the effort. (I use both effects, depending on my mood!)

Theoretically, the paddles can be examined at the end, but the gimmicks do move slightly, so I advise that you just show the paddles on all sides slowly and cleanly and then pocket them, moving on to another miracle.  It is not necessary for them to be examined for this to be a great piece of magic.  They could be examined, and the spectator won't know exactly what the trick is, but the fact that the gimmick slides slightly on the paddle face will cause curious suspicion.  Skip the examination at the end.

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Related Products

Color Changing Poker Chips

Around the year 2000, a brass version of this trick was introduced and it was an instant success.  Why?  Because the trick is practical, has a gentle sucker element, and a great colorful finish.  

Well, here's an inexpensive version that popular turn of the new millenium close-up effect.    But "inexpensive" does not mean "Cheap" in this case; the props do the job as well as other sets costing 4 or 5 times as much.    The chips are not brass rimmed like the expensive version -- they are high quality plastic.  

 The effect in detail:    Two poker chips are shown -- one with a black face and one with a white face. Both have similar shiny silver-y rims.    With one in each hand, the magic dude closes his hands and sez the magic words Chipso Changeo...and the two colored chips change places.     This is repeated until everyone in the audience "knows" the chips are both white on one side, and black on the other side.     But then the chips change to red and yellow, backed with green and blue!     Of course the audience wants to look at them, drop the chips into their hot little hands for examination!

Although the item does not instantly reset, it can be reset in about 10 seconds if you have a brief moment of privacy from prying eyes. 

Brand new with instructions

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Miracle Paddle (Tricks, Co. Ltd. Japan)
In years past, Tricks, Co. Ltd produced effects similar to those put out by Tenyo -- interesting plots and methods, taking advantage of the precision manufacturing that plastic molds allowed. The Miracle Paddle, which seems to be inspired by the old Enardoe Mystery Paddle, added a new twist to paddle routines by making the paddle into a small case that could be opened and closed. After showing the paddle to be "blank" on both sides, a small chip is shown and placed inside the paddle. It magically penetrates, and falls free of the paddle. The inside of the paddle is now shown empty, and it is closed again. The chip is placed on top of the paddle and suddenly vanishes. The paddle is opened and the chip is found inside. The effect is as good now as it was in 1976 when Tricks, Co. introduced the Miracle Paddle as part of it's "Original Magic series" -- an effort to capitalize on Tenyo's growing popularity at the time. It has been unavailable for years... I had a few of these "lost" in storage for about two decades, and so you can still get a brand new Miracle Paddle while my supply lasts... Instructions in both English and also Japanese if you want to brush up on a second language.
Regular Price: $18.95
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