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ABC Blocks

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One of those classic Kidshow effects, especially good for youngest audiences of , say, 4 to 7 year olds, because it deals with the first three letters of the Alphabet, and the plot is simple and easy to follow.  A wooden tube (about 9.5 inches high, and about 4 inches square) is lifted off its base to reveal three stacked blocks, A, B and C.  The blocks each have a hole running through, so they can be securely threaded on an upright wooden spindle.  After some by play about stacking the blocks in order (the magician getting it wrong and letting the kids correct him with yells and screams), he explains that he once got stung by a bee, so he's afraid of bees.  So he puts the "B" block into his hat, or behind an upright book.  Kids yell that this is a different kind of B, so he puts it back on the pindle, between the A nd C blocks.  The tube cover is replaced, and after some magic words, the cover is lifted and the B block has disappeared.  It has flown back into the hat or behind the book.  If it flies like a Bee, maybe it can sting like one too!  So the scardy-cat magi puts the whole thing away and goes on to his next trick.  Nice size props, perfect for living room shows or small stage.

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