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Mr. Rabbit`s Colorful Hat trick

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A fun effect for the younger ones, as you show a Black and White picture of a rabbit sitting in a colorless top hat.  Lots of easy fun with the kids by telling them the hat is yellow (they object), ok, it's green (they object louder), oh yes, it's blue...  When they are whipped into a fever pitch, say there's just one way to clear up the confusion.  Put the rabbit picture into a simple frame.  Then, you show a "page from Mr. Rabbit's Hat Store catalog", and let one of the kids pick a random color.  Suppose it's red, well, the picture of the rabbit now shows him sitting in a RED hat.   Props are good size for those living room party shows -- big enough to be visible, but not to bulky to pack flat, play big.

Framed Rabbit is about 5x8.5 inches -- the four-square (folding) plaque showing the hats is about 9 inches square.

Brand new with instructions.


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Hippety Hop Rabbits -- Stage size
Probably one of the all-time favorite kids tricks, with color, fun, mystery and a great sucker angle. You know the routine: the rabbits change from black to white as you turn the tubes around. In the end, when the kids "know" the secret, you show a red and green rabbit on the other side of the black and white rabbits. Well made, with a special gimmick to make the change easy and automatic -- you never have to put your thumb inside the tubes. Tubes and Rabbits stand about 12' tall and are over 6" wide. Great looking rabbits -- kids love 'em. Well made by Sam Dalal's Magic Factory.
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Rabbit in Hat plaque
Another great item in the category of "packs flat, plays big" for your kidshow.  A simple, colorful picture of a plaque is shown to the kids, and they are asked what a magician usually keeps in his hat.  When they say rabbit, you say "Ribbit?  What?  A frog?  No! that's silly!"   The kids again say "Rabbit, and you say, "No, not a robot!  No R2D2's in this hat"  By now the kids are screaming "RABBIT!!!!"   Finally you hear them correctly.  "Oh, a rabbit!  Yes.  Of course.  Why didn't you say so?"    Turning the palque around to show the back, you tell the kids that the rabbit is now sitting in the hat.  They want to see him, of course.  You can do more byplay, but finally you show them the rabbit in the hat picture.    Easy to do, and about 4 minutes of fun participation.  A great warm up effect.  The other way I like to use this one is to have three of them and do a monte style routine -- with one rabbit in a hat card, and two cards with just hats.  The kids try to follow where the rabbit in the hat is, but always find just a hat.  You can show any card to be either one whenever you want.  Very fun, and easy to do, easy to pack, and easy to put away!
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Save: $2.00
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Rabbit from Hat Silk Routine

Here's a fun twist on the standard bare hand hank production or vanish.    In this one, a silk handkerchief with a picture of a top hat is shown on both sides, and then draped over the magician's empty fist.   Reaching into the fist (through the handkerchief) with his other hand, he pulls a smaller silk "out of the hat".  This silk has a rabbit on it!

Perfect pocket effect for when they say, "Do you do the one with the rabbit out of a hat?"   Great for kidshows, and those table hopping audiences that are younger than usual.

You get both necessary silks, beautifully silk-screened, and the secret gimmick that makes it all possible.
Brand new and unused, with instructions.

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